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Slowing Down with Three Breaths

Did you ever wish you had a magic wand to wave whenever things get a little hectic - one swish of the wand and all the stress from a multi-tasking day just falls away. How lovely that would be.

You do have a magic wand and the magic number of waves to relieve stress is three. The wand is your breath. Pause a moment and find out how to wave your breathe and summon a little peace in the most harried of days.

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Thai Yum Nua

Mindful Palate's Featured Recipe

The striking contrast between the cool crisp veggies, warm steak, and hot chili and garlic dressing is worth heading a little outside of your normal hot food range.

If the heat has kept you from trying this salad in a restaurant, take a mindful breathing moment and then think - when you cook, you are in charge. Nothing goes in the dish that you do not like.

Make it Thai hot, American hot, or mild with a hint of spice. It's all delicious.

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How do you clean and prep a leek?!
Does your recipe call for leeks? What are leeks? Are they tasty? Are they nutritious? What part of the leek do I use?

The Spoon Mage™ received a string of questions from a mindful cook the other day, and this is what she said 

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Three breaths for peace and excellent cookery...

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Wondering how to find a little bit of peace in a stress filled world?
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