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Slowing Down with Three Breaths

Did you ever wish you had a magic wand to wave whenever things get a little hectic - one swish of the wand and all the stress from a multi-tasking day just falls away. How lovely that would be.

You do have a magic wand and the magic number of waves to relieve stress is three. The wand is your breath. Pause a moment and find out how to wave your breathe and summon a little peace in the most harried of days.

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Vegan Fingerling Potatoes and Green Beans

Mindful Palate Featured Recipe

Smothered as they so often are in butter and filled with loads of bacon, potatoes and green beans are in direct opposition to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. As this dish proves, healthier eating does not have to be unsatisfying.

Vegan margarine made with soy replaces butter in both flavor and in its ability to provide a satin finish to the liquid. Garlic and vegetable stock combine to ramp up the savory satisfaction. 

Grab a bag of fingerling potatoes and either weigh some fresh beans or buy a nice bag of green beans and get to snapping and start a new tradition of mindful deliciousness at dinner.

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Sage ChiffonadeCreating a Chiffonade
Sometimes recipes give you all the information you need, sometimes they just hint at mysterious techniques and don't bother to tell you just how easy they are.

What is a basil or sage chiffonade? What does it mean when the recipe calls for a chiffonade of kale?!

Yes, the word sounds very French but before you turn the page in that old cookery book, let The Spoon Mage™ show you just how easy it is to chiffonade just about anything that is soft and reasonably flat - even tortillas.

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Three breaths for peace and excellent cookery...

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